2016…you’re here already?

2016…you’re here already?

Once again, the new year has come much too quickly. I anticipate its arrival with such excitement, but I always find myself feeling a little overwhelmed — mainly because this means I am also a year older!

Age is something that people generally don’t feel comfortable talking about, but it’s inevitable. I am asked everyday why I dress the way I do (and how I am able to). Age should not dictate how we live our life. Thanks to society though, it seems to do just that.

When I look back, I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to work with Fashion MagazineThe Accidental Icon, and The Countess of Glamour. Meeting both ladies in New York this past year was an incredible experience because they are a huge source of inspiration for me. Don’t worry, you will hear more about this! The year ended off with the opening of the Versace store in Vancouver, where I hosted the evening alongside Vogue Magazine. I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to 2015.

Seeing Michelle Havert of Framed&Focused was awesome. I met Michelle 3 years ago in New York and we clicked. She was the first person who thought I was interesting enough to take a picture of. What?! Me? Interesting? I thought she had no idea what she was doing. I guess she was just ahead of the game 😉 All joking aside, Michelle is a talented blogger and photographer and I am so glad that she stopped by when she was in Vancouver. Being featured on her blog was a fantastic way to start off 2016.

After much anticipation, many tears, and sleepless nights, The Optical Boutique has finally moved back to where it belongs. We moved back to our original location and will be celebrating 37 years in Kerrisdale this year. If you follow this blog (which you probably don’t right now), you may notice that I only post about once a year. I am hoping to change that…