Hallo Munchen!

My trip to Germany was AMAZING – as I knew it would be! It was the first buying trip of the year and my first time to Germany. I’m a bit of a weather-wuss, so I knew that I would have to make a choice. I decided to be sensible (which doesn’t happen often) and packed based on the fact that it was going to be the dead of winter there -January is their coldest month! I knew my week was not going to give me a whole lot of time to explore on my own but, I must say, Munich is a beautiful city. My first stop was the Rathaus-Glockenspiel in Marienplatz, this is the town hall and dates to 1908. I had a splendid day until jetlag hit me. Then I was pretty much done for the day. The next day, I visited the Dachau concentration camp. Dachau is just outside of Munich and the day started out cold and windy. I knew that it might be difficult for me to see what I was going to see but I didn’t expect it to affect me in the way that it did. 

I ended up spending the day in Dachau, quite unaware of how much time had gone by. The sadness that I felt is difficult to put into words but all I could ask myself was “how could this happen?” How did society let this happen? Over 200,000 people were imprisoned at Dachau and 32,000 died. I could not comprehend this. I walked away knowing that I would never forget what I saw.

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