Remembering Paris . . .

 I've been travelling to Paris for the last few years, with each visit I still get blown away by the charm of this city. The streets of Paris overflow with art, culture, history and so much beauty. Whether I am sitting at a coffee shop, standing by the Eiffel Tower in admiration or eating delicious food, Paris captures my heart every time.


At Gare de l'est, my window overlooked the trains, and I was fortunate enough to capture this sunset. Such a surprise!



Opera house at Palais Garnier dates to the 19th century designed by Charles Garnier. A breathtaking auditorium, the beauty held by the art and architecture is an experience on its own. I did not want to leave! Now I know why it's the most visited monument in Paris.



Break time! A small café in Chatelet. Sitting and eating alone is not uncomfortable at all. The food is simple but so well presented. One of my favorite activities - eat and people watch. 


What an architectural masterpiece! Walking by this building everyday I grew curious and was eager to know more about it. This is The Melting House at Gare du Nord. This extraordinary work is by Argentine artist Leandro Erlich. Leandro wanted to portray climate change and effects of how we live through this piece. This is one of the many examples of Paris moving forward with their creative architecture and artistic life. 



GFC takes on Paris! Getting the opportunity to be a part of Paris Fashion week is such an incredible experience. During fashion week there are shows all over the city, the smaller venues have newer designers. Here I am outside of Palais decouverte to see Kirsten Ley, Pariha and Marisa P. Clark. These young emerging designers were fortunate enough to showcase their beautiful work. What an amazing opportunity for them especially to be doing it here at Paris Fashion week. Thank you Global Fashion Collective for doing what you do.


Going back and writing about my time in Paris I can't help but wonder what's in store for the future regarding travel. No one could have predicted what would happen in 2020, but the way things have unravelled leaves me with so many questions. Will vaccinations be mandatory before travel? Will we need to get tested during our travels? Will masks still be required? The list goes on..While I and many others miss travelling and the experience that comes with it, there is no doubt we will face different levels of restrictions as Covid has severely impacted the world. Although I may not know what's certain, I know we must stay hopeful for what this new year brings.

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