Perfection is imperfection

The new Masahiro Maruyama collection has arrived from Fukui Japan, and we are beyond excited. The details are exquisitely done by skilled craftsmen on each frame. Sculpt's latest collection is inspired by the sculptural process, from the tool marks of a chisel on stone, the space created in the gaps between piled clay pieces, and the wire framework built for the process.

If you haven't heard of Masahiro's frames, the concept is based on "unfinished art-finding beauty in the incomplete." Each frame is handmade, going through a months-long process. Whereas classical frame designs are symmetrical and beautifully completed, Masahiro's asymmetric frames are "unfinished", creating evocative, eccentric designs. Like having a piece of art. Masahiro is an exceptional piece of eyewear.

"Since I was five, I have been wearing glasses. I have worn all kinds of different-looking frames with some slightly better choices in the latter half of a twenty-five-year span. Glasses always felt mundane; there could be innovations, but every new set of frames felt like an iterative, minute improvement over the outgoing pair. Until I saw Masahiro Maruyama. Each pair looked like nothing I had ever seen before; the frames are so unique, each with different levels of complexity and craftsmanship that can't help but delight the wearer. So I picked up a pair on the spot for that feeling of uniqueness and delight." - Carlos Lopez (client)

 Perfection is imperfection.

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